Which publisher should I go with?

What Book Publisher

What book publishing company should I go with?

See I’m thirteen and I’m starting to write a book but I don’t Know what publisher I should go to may you help of please p.s. Its a drama book Continue reading

Kind of a nasty question


I’m a 16 year old girl, I weight about 125 pounds and I’m about 5’6″. Anyways, about twenty minutes ago I went pooping, anyways, while i was wiping i got some poop over my fingers so i just rinsed my hand under water and wiped dry. Continue reading

Book review: The Blank Album

Blank Album 1

I stumbled across this novel in the waiting room at a euthanasia clinic and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

My Great Uncle was having second thoughts about the procedure, god rest his soul, and I really hate to make a wasted trip. Fortunately, the clinic keeps a few copies lying around for just such a contingency, and after a couple of chapters he was begging me to stop his heart! Continue reading

Suggestions for the ending

Not quite happy with the ending, any suggestions.?

I lost God at the point of reduction
where the glowering sunset eye
seared the sea from a day of basking
without filter, without reprise.

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Free Bed

Fun with Freecycle: It’s amazing how rude people can be when you’re offering something for free.

“Tell me what the bed is made of – wood? etc – what it looks like, has it got any drawers or headboard, and what are its EXACT measurements.” Continue reading

Keep him coming back


“How to make my vagina better than ever?
how to make my vagina so good that it is better than anyone else’s and keep him coming back?”

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